Football and Politics

Football and politics. Both have in common which are both gaining the throne. The difference of political legitimacy in achieving its objectives. While the forward element Football competition. The best is not determined by the number of votes and how much mass support but by the number of goals to the opposing goal. Nowadays football is not just the number of goal that is created, but also the beautiful game ala Jogo Bonito and Tango.
Politics indeed closely related to the world of football. Whether, if indeed people need other media to demonstrate its sovereignty. Concrete example when Italy at the 1934 World Cup and 1938 that became political kampanyen Benito Mussolini regime. Even to raise the issue if Italy fail to become world champion then be prepared as a sacrificial life. In fact performance in the world of football is considered more than just the pride of a nation.
Politics indeed penetrated the world of football. Berlusconi served as prime minister during unable to become the number one in AC Milan. His achievement is impressive. Several times AC Milan Champion delivered to households. European Champions League crown even been captured.
Public may judge, to clear the way towards the throne of power is needed much lubricant which we call money. In Indonesia this sentence we must add the “To be the mayor we need a football as a puller sympathy of the people”. In other words the understanding of football in Indonesia has a perception as a field of money, sympathy and success.
Politics is like running a tyranny. He strongly gripped Globe. This means that the entire political world is no longer a subject listed in the educational curriculum. Politics is like the authority to regulate human life policy.
There are no gaps without a political presence. Every human beings need to cultivate political power of reason and thought. For most of mankind, with the politics he could vent his lust. Yups, lust of power and wants to rule is the Almighty God’s grace.
No aspect of life that does not escape the touch of politics. Football for most people is seen as the second religion. Proverbial Football is something that nature principle.
Look at how much the velocity of money in the Indonesian League. If each club to spend a minimum of 10 billion rupiah, then for 28 clubs who competed in the League of Indonesia 2006 minimum spend 280 billion rupiah. Ironic indeed most of the money levied from the people, while people when entering the stadium was still told to buy tickets.
Indonesia is indeed a hobby became talkative. When a builder is a busy and successful soccer in town, others soon followed. Busy-busy budget funds for the purpose of coaching football subverted. Although the result is nil and accomplishment never achieved.
Even more ironic when these milyardan money was to improve the materials team. But what can I say when the team lost its mobility in the hunt for players. As a result players earned mediocre. While some funds might be used to bancakan the managers.
On the other hand made arena football attract the sympathy of the people. Club-election that fostered one of the participants busy to win elections as a campaign tool. Victory appreciated expensive and used as an excuse this is thanks to the participants the election effort. It seems that serve as the arena Pilkadal Election (Election The Lizard).
Football full delivery of technical elements and the collectivity of the team in a game. Football is not dependent from the participation of the participant elections or politicians who are concerned to secure its power. Only the public can determine if the so wish dikadali by “Gibol” is 100% not willing to devote themselves in the world of football.
Football as a reflection of the multi-dimensional sports attraction is present enormous. In Indonesia, estimated at more than 10 million population are football mania. Of all these, of course there are a handful of people who want the enormous potential to streamline its purpose.
Adam Smith, Martin Luther, Friedrich Engels, Niccolo Macchiavelli and a series of other big names has presented the political scheme for our study. Some years we were attending school to learn that politics and power are not much different. In the end we are faced with the reality of maintaining power is a priority, while the prosperity of the people is not a destination.
Indonesia is a developing country phase of his thinking. They are still trying to find the true identity of Indonesia. Or indeed the identity of the Indonesian people listed in the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution had been discovered long ago but never implemented in everyday life.
Depending on who considers that football just part of political life. In effect we use as a political not a dictator or authoritarian form a government. Politics we use to manage the people towards social justice as well as prosperity of the people themselves.
In the world of political football not we use to strengthen themselves and weaken the other team in unsportivitas. Football is a game that technically uphold sportsmanship and fair play.
Football is a game unit. Not distinguished background of participants whether he adopts capitalism, meritocracy, monarchy, Marxism or the other.
What would happen if we slipped a dirty game and try to confuse between the politics mix with soccer. Never mind the game interesting that we can watch. Can-can on the ground we have witnessed brutal football, soccer elephant or that we could call the game a line of soap and other unsportivitas action.
Indonesia Football nan obscure patterns of thought and execution. Can not distinguish where the technical and nontechnical. Which is entirely the business of football, and which is practical politics. This applies not only within the organization that overshadow the League of Indonesia, but also the system itself is inconsistent and full of political intrigues.
Does Indonesia have to apply the standard competition system in Indonesia and later refers to the implementation of competition policy Football terminology refers to a set of equipment the broader implementation of the legislation in force later.


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